Installation of our lightning cable at Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade

The lightning cable is intended for performing a classic lightning installation as a replacement for the standard galvanized tape FeZn 20 x 3 and FeZn 25 x 4 mm.

Basic cable model marked with PPOO Al / Fe; 16/8 mm consists of seven aluminum cores with a total cross section of 0.16 mm and one galvanized 0.8 mm steel wire, all wrapped in polyester tape and PVC sheath. In addition to this model was also made a version of extended cable models modulated with coaxial cable for TV antenna, 2 x 0.8 mm TT cable for telephone pair, PP 2 x 2.5 mm2 cable for signal lamp, or mul-tiplication type of cables with all multiple purpose conductors.

Due to the quality insulation, the lightning cable can be mounted directly on flammable roofs and facades as well as on others roofs and facades using standard lightning protection accessories for carrying li-nes.

Fastening of lightning lines in hardly-accessible places (on roofs, behind gutters, etc.) can be done with specially designed Al sheet tape, suitable for making shells and clamps. Extension and lightning cable crossing and connection of antenna, telephone and signal cable linescan be made with standard cross items JUS.N.B4.933. For connecting and extending cables with terminals under and above the ground can be used a protective PVC box in the catalog marked as “Protective box”.

Advantage of lightning cable comparing to the standard FeZn tape is that the cable is cheaper, easier and simpler to install, the lines are less noticeable, which is especially important in high-profile facilities and facilities protected by the Institute for the Protection of Monuments, as well as that each downstream line made with a combined cable can also be used as signal, telephone and antenna lines.